Do You Have a Stubborn Clog in Your Pipes?

You're going to need plumbing services in Chico, CA or Durham, CA

So, you've got a clog but the store-bought unclogging liquid isn't doing the trick. What do you do next? Call M.D. Plumbing, a trusted plumber serving Chico, CA and Durham, CA. We'll come to your home and use sewer line snaking to clear out even the most resilient clogs.

If you have a clog that just want go away, call us right away. We'll resolve your issue quickly and easily.

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Here are some reasons not to try a sewer snake yourself

Although it's very effective to use a sewer snake to clear out major blockages, it's something that should be left to a professional plumber. If you need to unclog your pipes, choose M.D. Plumbing for fast and affordable plumbing services. You can count on us to complete the job with ease.

There are many reasons not to wield a sewer snake yourself, including:

  • The blades on the snake make the job dangerous.
  • You might bring up unpleasant clogs that you don't know how to dispose ofproperly.
  • It's less expensive to get professionals to do it once than to try it yourself.

Reach out to us now for plumbing services if you have a major clog on your Durham, CA or Chico, CA property.